Thursday, September 15, 2011

Twilight - Breaking Dawn Trailer Video

Here's the new Breaking Dawn trailer video, the 4th installment of Twilight film based on Stephenie Meyer book.

Can't wait for the actual movie? Better wait Breaking Dawn (Twilight Saga) released dafe on November 18, 2011.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo No Panty / Underwear Photo Spread

Miss Universe pageant is an extremely hot trends now as with Catalina Robayo pantyless photo that spread over internet. Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo who had been swept up by a snapshot having no underwear sets her contest entry having problems. Competition officials have informed Colombia’s Catalina Robayo never to make any kind of public appearances in tiny dresses without under garment. See picture of Catalina Robayo in exposing skirt below.

“Colombia had to be spoken to and told she needed to wear underpants as what she was doing was totally inappropriate,” a source told Fox News. “People have been pretty upset by it; there have been photos and media appearances where she has completely had her crotch out.” Just like the other scandal-fallen females of Trump’s pageants, Robayo might be a great asset to business, Fox stated. Robayo is just one of 89 women rivalling for the crown within the competition.

During 2009, Carrie Prejean who earned Miss California and Miss USA runner-up, applies her crown and title at risk after many semi-nude pictures of her leaked out online soon after she received the state contest crown.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Michael Fassbender "Shame" - Cbsession With Sex

British director Steve McQueen, the rugged drama of man's sexual obsession was premiered at the Venice Film Festival on Sunday, earning praise from artist and filmmaker, and stars Michael Fassbender.

"Shame" is the obsession of a man in New York with sex: chance encounters with random women, visits to prostitutes and pornography. Her daily routine is interrupted when his younger sister - an emotionally unstable woman who works sporadically as a cabaret singer, who desperately needs attention of the siblings - moved with him. His world tour of bars and sexual castes begins to unravel as he becomes more isolated and is unable - and unwilling - to give her sister the family connection she wants.

In a Sunday press conference just before the red carpet premiere of the film, said Fassbender films sex scenes and graphic nudity makes things "uncomfortable" on the board. "Most importantly," he said, "is just to make sure that everyone involved is comfortable - you know, everything that can be - and just sort of go for it not to do too many shots."

Carey Mulligan plays the sister and makes a new interpretation of the piece of the signing of Frank Sinatra, "New York, New York."

"This is a very sad song," McQueen told reporters. "If you read the text, it is very much a blues song."

The film premiered at the Venice Fassbender second in three days: "Dangerous Method," in which she plays a psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, opposite Viggo Mortensen Sigmund Freud held next Friday.

"Obviously this is a great privilege and honor to be here," two films, Fassbender said. Both films are competing in the festival's main competition.

McQueen and Fassbender exceeded the 2008 film "Hunger".

Michael Fassbender talks Sex & Shame in Venice

More on Michael Fassbender.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Billie Joe Armstrong Green Day's lead vocalist Kicked Off Southwest Flight

Green Day's lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong is only the latest star to get kicked from a flight, though one good thing is not for urinating on the carpet. His wrongdoing, instead, seemed to be that scourge of civilized culture: loose pants. As outlined by an ABC company within the Southwest flight from Oakland to Burbank, a plane attendant came up to Billie Joe Armstrong and requested him to drag his trousers up, in which he responded:
"Don't you have better things to do than worry about that?"
The airline flight attendant then repeated her demand and confronted to have him pulled from the flight if he didn't abide, at which Armstrong properly shot again,
"I'm just trying to get to my f***ing seat."
Even though it is not clear if Armstrong's undies were displaying - an argument of contention within the June unpleasant incident in which a University of New Mexico football player was kicked off a US Airways flight, likewise for saggy trousers - the airline, likely worrying a lawsuit, promptly apologized to Green Day's lead singer and straight away booked him for the next flight.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album 2011 - I'm With You

Red Hot Chili Peppers New Album 2011 - I'm With YouAfter having a five year break, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have returned with a brand new studio album entitled"I’m With You", the follow up towards the band’s 2006 multi-platinum recording, Stadium Arcadium, which is the very first album this guitar rock band has launched without guitar player John Frusciante in 15-years.

Josh Klinghoffer, who's got worked Beck and Gnarles Barkley, steps in for the long-time and frequently stressed Fruciante on the new recording. Klinghoffer features a few the opportunity to shine on I’m With You, however the album depends more on the rhythm part of Flea and Chad Smith, and the stylistic lines of Anthony Kiedis.

Here’s the very first music video coming from I’m With You, with the song “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.”

Up to now, the new Chili Pepper’s album continues to be acquiring mixed opinions. USA Today provides it with 3 and a half stars, labelling it a “fresh” and “less punky” compared to Stadium Arcadium. Rolling Stone likewise shows the band kudos, proclaiming that the Red Hot Chili Peppers audio charged up again and revitalized from their five year-hiatus. Needless to say, not every person is pleased. The Detroit Free Press gave I’m With You 2 stars, stating that the album is certainly not new for the experienced rock band, and that the album is eventually forgettable.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Marisa Miller joins RIPD

Marisa Miller is cast of characters in the new motion picture. As Jeff Bridges. Really.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition model and Victoria's Secret angel, which burst sales records with its cover in 2008, linked up the cast of "RIPD". The flick by Ryan Reynolds as a murdered cop who conjoins Rest In Peace Department in switch over for the opportunity to hunt down her killer, which will be playacted by Kevin Bacon.

Partner Reynolds persona of the crowd will be played by Jeff Bridges - who, when taking the air among the living, as a model of Miller.

Also uniting the cast of Robert Schwentke directed version of Dark Horse Comics Mike O'Malley will be on "Glee" star and going back, naturally, previous host of "Guts". Elliot will be acted a character who's "a kind of ghost."

More about Marisa Miller, Sports Illustrated, and Victoria's Secret.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jennifer Garner's Pregnant: Ben Affleck 3rd Baby

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's family is expanding - Affleck's representatives say the couple are expecting their 3rd child.

A one-sentence affirmation publicized Monday says the famous actors are "thrilled" to have one more baby along the way. The Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck' has two daughters, 2-year-old Seraphina Elizabeth Rose and 5-year-old Violet Affleck.
Nothing else information were published.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck', both 39, were married way back 2005.

Garner, who went up to popularity after casting in the television sequence "Alias," made an appearance over the past weekend at a Disney expo to advertise her forthcoming film, "The Odd Life of Timothy Green."

Ben Affleck won an Oscar for co-writing the movie script to "Good Will Hunting" and not long ago had written, directed and starred in the thriller "The Town."

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer Get Married

Lauren Blitzer and Chely Wright are formally wife and wife. The pair got married the other day at Blitzer's aunt's property in Connecticut.

It May 2010, Chely Wright looked as gay, an entrance that lead in death threats and ideas of suicide. Just a couple of weeks later, however, the country singer met Lauren Blitzer, a GLBT Civil Rights activist, and at some point fell in love.

The two brides donned a white gown for the wedding ceremony simply because, as Chely Wright joked to People, "we like our hair too much!" Chely Wright and Lauren Blitzer a long, happy marriage.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (Trailer Video)

Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (Trailer Video)
Here it is. I am honestly at a loss for words. I do not have the imagination of the world's largest fan of Ghost Rider does not make sense, so I'll leave you readers to offer ideas on management's current brand. To my point of view, seems to be no more than an entertaining action film full of popcorn, but I doubt anyone expected that this is also close to the caliber of the other Marvel hero movies. You can definitely see the influences of the new government, especially if you saw a movie Crank (Reading: A lot of ridiculous action scenes and slow motion). It might just be me, but I just can not tell a clear story out of the trailer, seemed to cut a lot of activities together with a voice 0vers vague. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance can finish a step forward over its predecessor, but I do not think that speaks volumes.

We'll all be able to drive the verdicts geek in Ghost Rider: Vengeance when it comes to theaters February 17, 2012.

Watch Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance Trailer Video

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christine O'Donnell Walks Out (Video)

Whatever you do, stay on message during the interview of Christine O'Donnell.

Former Tea Party-backed candidate Delaware Senator left the remote connection with the CNN show "Tonight, Piers Morgan," the host said he was "rude", as he repeatedly asked his position on gay marriage and " Do not ask, do not tell "gay politics in the army.

He said he only wanted to talk about his new book, Tea Party ideals, "Maker Problems: Let's do what to do with America Great Again" - although in the past, before the commercial break, Morgan played the clip of his famous gaffes about once a practicing witch, and then, an advertising campaign, denies that was a witch.

Pressed by Morgan on why he started to become "too weird" when gay issues come, O'Donnell said he chose not to respond because "elections."

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