Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Marisa Miller joins RIPD

Marisa Miller is cast of characters in the new motion picture. As Jeff Bridges. Really.

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition model and Victoria's Secret angel, which burst sales records with its cover in 2008, linked up the cast of "RIPD". The flick by Ryan Reynolds as a murdered cop who conjoins Rest In Peace Department in switch over for the opportunity to hunt down her killer, which will be playacted by Kevin Bacon.

Partner Reynolds persona of the crowd will be played by Jeff Bridges - who, when taking the air among the living, as a model of Miller.

Also uniting the cast of Robert Schwentke directed version of Dark Horse Comics Mike O'Malley will be on "Glee" star and going back, naturally, previous host of "Guts". Elliot will be acted a character who's "a kind of ghost."

More about Marisa Miller, Sports Illustrated, and Victoria's Secret.
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