Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christine O'Donnell Walks Out (Video)

Whatever you do, stay on message during the interview of Christine O'Donnell.

Former Tea Party-backed candidate Delaware Senator left the remote connection with the CNN show "Tonight, Piers Morgan," the host said he was "rude", as he repeatedly asked his position on gay marriage and " Do not ask, do not tell "gay politics in the army.

He said he only wanted to talk about his new book, Tea Party ideals, "Maker Problems: Let's do what to do with America Great Again" - although in the past, before the commercial break, Morgan played the clip of his famous gaffes about once a practicing witch, and then, an advertising campaign, denies that was a witch.

Pressed by Morgan on why he started to become "too weird" when gay issues come, O'Donnell said he chose not to respond because "elections."

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