Saturday, September 10, 2011

Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo No Panty / Underwear Photo Spread

Miss Universe pageant is an extremely hot trends now as with Catalina Robayo pantyless photo that spread over internet. Miss Colombia Catalina Robayo who had been swept up by a snapshot having no underwear sets her contest entry having problems. Competition officials have informed Colombia’s Catalina Robayo never to make any kind of public appearances in tiny dresses without under garment. See picture of Catalina Robayo in exposing skirt below.

“Colombia had to be spoken to and told she needed to wear underpants as what she was doing was totally inappropriate,” a source told Fox News. “People have been pretty upset by it; there have been photos and media appearances where she has completely had her crotch out.” Just like the other scandal-fallen females of Trump’s pageants, Robayo might be a great asset to business, Fox stated. Robayo is just one of 89 women rivalling for the crown within the competition.

During 2009, Carrie Prejean who earned Miss California and Miss USA runner-up, applies her crown and title at risk after many semi-nude pictures of her leaked out online soon after she received the state contest crown.
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