Friday, June 24, 2011

Minka Kelly Hottest Looks - Happy Birthday

Minka Kelly Hottest LooksAs for beautiful brunettes - or women of all ages generally speaking - it really is tough to top Miss Minka Kelly within the looks section. So, as ex-KO Night Lights honors her 31st birthday Friday, we commemorate as well.

So it seemed directly to recognize Minka - that's getting some great publicity, in the near future, when the Television is restarted Charlie 's Angels starts on NBC - with a look at several of her most beautiful clothing and appearance. Then, if you notice her kick ass angels a couple of months, you will see that it is the ideal blend.

Minka birthday celebration so happy. I wish you and Derek Jeter a little time to delight in one of the most stunning couple and gave Derek, I wish a absurdly costly gift is in the near future.

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