Monday, June 27, 2011

Mary Louise Parker | Weeds Season 7 Premiere at Showtime

Mary Louise Parker | Weeds Season 7 Premiere at ShowtimeMary Louise Parker played Nancy Botwin, the lead character of the Showtime series "Weeds," will soon be coming over to Washington Heights.

While the first episode of Season 7 doesn't air until Monday at 10 p.m., segments in the show, currently up on the series' website, exposed the character's impending proceed to Upper Manhattan.

At the end of Weeds Season 6, the drug-dealing widow switched herself onto police, making the cover for a murder that was actually committed by Shane, her son.

In one of the segments from the upcoming season premiere, Nancy is shown imprisonment, having only learned that she will be released and sent to a halfway house in New York.

In the other clip, Nancy's sister, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, the halfway home is in Washington Heights.

That aspect is revealed during a video chat with brother-in-law, Nancy's sons, and her pot-smoking accountant Doug, all of whom are found living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

But a series from that clip implies that the rest of the gang could possibly be joining Parker in the Big Apple.

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