Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elizabeth Smart on Brian David Mitchell Sentencing

The very first time, Elizabeth Smart will openly talk to Brian David Mitchell -- the person who raped, imprisoned, and kidnapped her -- during Mitchell's sentencing on Wednesday in a Salt Lake City courtroom .

57 year-old Brian David Mitchell kidnapped the then-14-year-old Elizabeth Smart on June 5, 2002 from her home at Salt Lake City and eventually had taken her to San Diego. Elizabeth Smart was recovered 9 months right after her kidnapping, when Smart was identified in Sandy, Utah.

She told local press that she's uncertain what she'll say to Mitchell; Smart father is also slated to talk to the kid rapist.

Street preacher Brian David Mitchel was found guilty by a federal jury on charges of kidnapping and illegal transportation of a minor across U lines for having unlawful sex last December.

The charge could get Mitchell a life sentence; reasoning and arguing to get such, a government prosecutor stated in court papers, that,

"for nine months, Ms. Smart, a young teenager, was subj to unusually heinous, cruel, brutal, and degrading treatment at the hands of the defendant, which caused great emotional, physical and psychological pain and humiliation."

Elizabeth Smart -- testified during 2009 that Brian David Mitchell raped her each day when she was held captive.

Elizabeth Smart and Brian David Mitchell didn't talk during those courtroom proceedings, as the rapist was frequently removed from the courtroom for causing disruptions.

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