Friday, June 19, 2009

Photos: Keishla Villafane Rivera: Petite Beauty Queen Fired By Puerto Rican Pageant

The Miss Puerto Rico Petite Keishla Villafane Rivera, won the title last August - has been stripped of her crown (same case as Carrie Prejean,) Petite Beauty Queen was accusing for "intolerable conduct" that included threatening and assaulting beauty pageant staff.

The 19-year-old Keishla Villafane Rivera also used "coarse language" and violated the terms of her contract, even made death threats and assaulted staff members. Uh... that's was rude girl.

Keishla Villafane Rivera Photo Gallery:

A pageant spokeswoman, Libni Garcia, declined to release further details about the accusations, but rather;

"We were trying to handle this conduct of hers, but it was impossible. It was constant," pageant spokeswoman said.

According to Associated Press, The production company appointed Tamara Perez to serve the remainder of Villafane's term.

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