Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amy Winehouse Booed at Belgrade Concert (VIDEO)

Amy Winehouse Booed at Belgrade Concert

Belgrade - Amy Winehouse booed and jeered in a live concert in Serbia's capital as the woman stumbled on top of the stage, mumbled by her songs and came off.

Serbian press explained the concert late Saturday starting off her European tour prior to about 20,000 enthusiasts as being a "disaster."

Amy Winehouse, who's publicly battled with alcohol and drugs, was almost one hour late, ahead of stumbling to the stage and showing up unable to recall the lyrics to her songs. Winehouse dropped the microphone and disappeared, with her band actively playing instead.

Everyone else at Belgrade's fort could not tell which track Winehouse was performing and replied angrily. Many left in dissatisfaction.

Tickets cost about $57 - very costly in the country in which common incomes are about $428 monthly.

Winehouse just lately spent a week at a rehabilitation program in London. Her cutting-edge recording "Back to Black" from 2006 received 5 Grammy Awards, but Amy Winehouse's music recently has been overshadowed by run-ins with the law and drug use.
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