Friday, May 13, 2011

Tom Welling Smallville Season 10 - Series Finale

Whether it's very difficult for many people to visualize Tom Welling not going back to the set of "Smallville" this summer, we are certain that Tom Welling himself has a significant time doing their best which don't involve Clark Kent. We are certain that right after tonight's two-hour series ending, you might be asking yourself what is upcoming for "Smallville" star.

At present, Welling is looking forward to news regarding "Hellcats," the newcomer sequence Tom Welling himself executive produces for The CW, the industry bubble show that might returning next season. When it comes back for the 2011-2012 season, Smallville actor desires to direct episodes.

In spite of uncertainty, Tom Welling has his fingers crossed to get a pickup.

Tom Welling is not planning on keeping behind the camera permanently. He said that he hope to engage in various personas in what he'd like to believe would certainly be a career in this show business

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