Monday, May 30, 2011

Stacey Dash 'Single Ladies' on VH1

'Single Ladies,' VH1's new soap opera featuring Stacey Dash is preparing to make it's debut this evening. Queen Latifah reaches the helm making this hour extensive TV sequence.

Stacey Dash 'Single Ladies' will certainly be a lot similar to 'Sex and the City.' The show is all about 3 friends who seem to view professions, relationships, sex, and money as various power-plays and weak points.

Val, played by Stacey Dash becomes extra interest because of all the pre-showing compliment for her 'realistic' illustration of her personality. Having said that, if the script does not provide, there's only until now Dash can carry the line.

Stacey Dash 'Single Ladies' takes place in Atlanta. The identify of the VH1 show is assimilated from a Beyonce hit track.

More about Stacey Dash.
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