Saturday, May 7, 2011

Nicki Minaj 'Super Bass' Music Video

Nicki Minaj, a female rap star who'll be touring with American recording artist, Britney Spears on The Femme Fatale Tour this Summer, recently launched a brand new music video for her music "Super Bass" for the viewing delight today. Contrary to some of her music videos, this one is reasonably uncomplicated and straightforward. The track is sort of a rap ballad f sorts and in the video Nicki sings concerning the man who seem to makes her heart go “ boom, badoom, boom”.

From the entertaining video, Nicki Minaj dances all around in anything from mini outfits to swimsuits and tank and shorts blends, donning heels by Versace and shoes by Dr. Martens.

Watch Nicki Minaj 'Super Bass' Music Video

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