Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gigi Goyette (Photo); Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mistress

Gigi Goyette Jeffers‘ increased fascination with the media limelight goes on, this time around as she gave a captivating interview speaking about the sole thing she may seem to know nowadays - her affair with Arnold Schwarzenegger. 52-year-old Gigi Goyette even lowered a bombshell when she stated she talked to Arnold days right after his break up from Maria Shriver.

Subsequently, indicating she definitely has completely no ounce of decency regarding her, Gigi said of Maria, whose husband she taken on a years very long affair with.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is denying he actually got a relationship with Gigi Goyette, but Gigi says there are at very least thirteen other women she should expect to appear out of the woodwork.

Gigi Goyette met Arnold Schwarzenegger when she was sixteen and rode her horse to lunch in Malibu. If something beneficial could probably come out of this heartbreaking story it is that phrase there. "A woman rode a horse to lunch."

Followed by sex at a friends home and then didn't meet once more right until 1989, 3 years into Arnold’s marital life. The romantic relationship selected from there right until Gigi claims she finished it in the mid-nineties.

More about Gigi Goyette.
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