Saturday, May 21, 2011

Britta Hanson Marries Track Palin

Track Palin get married to Britta Hanson, his longtime girlfriend according to People reports. Todd and Sarah Palin’s oldest but lowest-profile among five children, 22 year-old Track Palin recently exchanged vows together with the 21 year-old nursing student, Britta Hanson in a small wedding ceremony in Alaska skiing mecca, Hatcher Pass approximately an hour north of Wasilla; but prepare a bigger celebration in winter, as outlined by a joint affirmation from each family.

Britta Hanson and Track Palin are high school sweethearts who grew up together, their mom and dad explained to the magazine: Track, who is now an Army Reservist who served a year in Iraq, after the commercial fishing season ends plans to study at the University of Alaska.
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