Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What! Melanie Griffith in Rehab Again?

Academy Award nominee and Golden Globe winner actress Melanie Griffith entering rehab again, Cirque Lodge rehab facility in Utah this week.

"An insider [says] that this stint in rehab is [really just] a bid to save her marriage.

The 52-year-old movie star has battled addictions to drugs and booze since she was a teenager, but her latest fall off the wagon is the last straw for her husband of 13 years, Antonio Banderas.

He told her that if she didn’t get the help she needed [to get clean and sober], it would be the end of their marriage,” said the source to Star Mag.

Griffith has three children from different marriages: 24 year-old Alexander Bauer, 19 year-old Dakota Johnson, and 12 year-old Stella Banderas.

Her love and marriage is difficult enough, add the unique responsibilities and pressures of parenting. Wheww...

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