Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Lebron James Gets Dunked On by Jordan Crawford (Video)

Xavier sophomore, Jordan Crawford dunked on LeBron James at a pick-up game at the basketball training camp known as the LeBron James Skills Academy. The camp was sponsored by NIKE, it gives prominent high school hotshots the chance to train with the best.

Okey back to Lebron James gets dunked on, according to report - King James wanted all video tapes of the dunking action taken away. NIKE’s Basketball Senior Director, Lynn Merritt allegedly confiscated all tapes of Jordan Crawford dunking on LeBron James.

It seems that Nike and King James didn’t want the video to leak to the internet.

To show you that the kid had really skills, see Crawford dunking at Indiana University’s annual dunk contest.

Watch Lebron getting dunked on by Jordan Crawford video at iOnlinePhilippines.

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