Sunday, June 14, 2009

Megan Fox Leaked Photos from Jennifer's Body film

Celebrity actress Megan Fox has chosen not to sue the person who leaked her topless shots to the news papers. Fox believes that karma will do the job for her (so she believes in Karma...). The Transformers babe appalled to see her topless photos from her upcoming movie Jennifer's Body in the internet - and immediately considered legal action. Watch Jennifer's Body Red Band Trailer Video.

However, Fox said that a second glance made her realise the photo shots weren’t quite what they seemed (photoshoped I guess).

"I had booby stickers on. They make these silicone stickers that go on over your nipple," telling Entertainment Weekly.

"If I'd been actually topless, I would have sued someone... I know who, and I never did anything about it. It''s her karma to deal with, not mine," celebrity actress says.

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