Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam Lambert Rolling Stone (Behind the Scene Video)

Adam Lambert’s upcoming album mixed into the revelations about his personality, experiences with sex (as a gay I guess), drugs, rock and roll in his upcoming Rolling Stone cover story "Wild Idol".

The celebrity singer recently signed with 19 and RCA records, give a little talk about his musical sensibility.

I have a hard time picking a favorite style of music
“I like rock bands I like electronic stuff, I like dance stuff, I like pop stuff, I like funk. I could probably see myself doing a little bit of everything–a rock/pop sound with really strong hooks, with kind of like glam edge to it, and all lot of modern production–dancey electronic type of treatment on everything, make it sound really current and futuristic. It’s really important to get a song that really sticks with people, that people either love to dance to or they love to sing along to…it’s just getting it into people’s minds I think is the hardest part.”

About the album
“We’re working on it right now, we kinda just started, we’re at the drawing board, we’re trying to figure out what kind of sound we want, what kind of producers we want to work with, right now it’s just all ideas, nothings actually started yet, it’s really exciting because anything could happen.”

I’m really just hoping for some longevity,
“I hope that this album we put out is something a little different, something that people are both surprised by, but at the same time, what they want from me, I hope. I took a lot of chances on the show, and I went through a variety of styles, so I’m hoping that the record kind of reflects the journey I took on Idol,"

Watch Adam Lambert Rolling Stone behind the scene video here at UptimeNews.

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