Saturday, May 16, 2009

Watch Shugo Chara Episode 83 Video

Anime series Shugo Chara (Shugo Kyara) or known as My Guardian Characters created by the manga author duo, Peach-Pit. Many of Shugo supporters love Amu Hinamori and let’s see what will happen on Shugo Chara Episode 83.

Episode Plot:

Lulu could feel Ikuto's impatience in succeeding with his violin. Nana, who was aware of this, wanted to spread the gossip so she sneaked into Easter by herself. On the other hand, the Guardians attended a World Music Fair where Amu made a lunchbox for Tadase. On that day, during the bustling exhibition, there was a sign of Ikuto.

Shugo Chara Episode 83 Video

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