Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Contact UptimeNews (Entertainment News)

NOTE: UptimeNews (Entertainment News) is happy to honor link exchange requests for legitimate Entertainment blogs who have ALREADY LINKED US when they send the request. 

Title: Entertainment News
Url: http://www.uptimenews.com/

Please don’t write telling us how much you love UptimeNews and would love to exchange links if you don’t already link to UptimeNews.

Archy - Editor/Publisher


UptimeNews acknowledges that though we try to report accurately, we cannot verify the absolute facts of everything posted. Postings may contain fact, speculation or rumor.

We find images from the Web that are believed to belong in the public domain. If any stories or images/photos that appear on the UptimeNews are in violation of copyright law, please email and we will gladly remove the offending information as soon as possible.

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